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Yellow Carbon Fiber Leather Motorcyle Keychain SS 7

  • Wallet is handmade in the cradle of leather manufacturing in UbriqueSpain
  • Made with real carbon fiber
  • Capacity: Up to 5 Keys
  • Dimensions: 8 x 3 cm
  • Doesn´t scratch your motorcycle

Stand out from the Crowd  with this exclusive Carbon Fiber and Leather Motorcycle Keychain

Show your style with this unique and exclusive  motorcycle keychain, perfect for motorbikes lovers. Handcrafted using top quality materials like  real  yellow carbon fiber and premium leather from Ubrique, Spain. You can carry up to 5 keys. We know how important is your motorcycle for you so our keychains don´t scratch any part of your motorcyle.

Handcrafted by Expert Leatherworkers

Expert leather artisans manufacture aXaco leather motorcycle keychains under rigorous quality control. Each aXaco product is unique and is manually assigned an identification code. The aXaco design team has opted for premium materials for the manufacture of their products, wallets, belts, keyrings and other fashion accessories inspired by the greatest of our passions, the world of competition, where aXaco bases its philosophy.

Location Tracking System

aXaco uses the SOS CODE, a patented system of identification that allows you to contact the owner in case of loss of the product. The aXaco wallets and keyrings have RFID technology, that in case of a loss, gives information to the owner of the location of the item via an email and SMS in real time at no cost. The system is not in the least complicated, it simply needs the person that has found the item to scan it with a Smartphone equipped with an NFC reader (most Smartphones will have this factility) and upon detecting the personalised chip of the wallet or keyring, SOS CODE will send you information of its location


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